Track 1: Robotics, Mechatronics & Automation

  1. Virtual Instrumentation and Control, Industrial and Cloud-based Automation, Machine Drives and Logistics Information and Industrial Security System
  2. Mechatronics, Smart Devices and Intelligent Control
  3. Robotics, Intelligent Machinery, Interdisciplinary Approaches, Man-machine Interface and Integration
  4. Actuators and Sensors, Micro Devices and Opto-electronic Systems
  5. Bio-mechatronics, Bio-robotics Systems and Medical Mechatronics

Track 2: Power, Energy & Industry application

  1. Multi-energy Systems, Transactive Energy, Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  2. Power System Analysis, Computing, Operation, Planning and Management
  3. Smart grid, Microgrid and Virtual Power Plant Technologies, Security, Management and Control
  4. Demand Response, Cyber-physical Systems, EV Technologies and Integration
  5. Instrumentations, Protection, Industrial Electronics and Applications

Track 3: Signal Processing, AI & Machine Learning

  1. Signal or Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Tracking
  2. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision and Machine Learning
  3. Computational Intelligence, Expert Systems and Cybersecurity
  4. Internet of Things (IoT), Hybrid Learning Models and Methods
  5. Computer Interface, Ambient Intelligence, Artificial Endocrine Networks, and Artificial Hormone Networks

Track 4: Networking & Communication

  1. Computer Networks, Cloud, Big Data and ICT
  2. Wireless and optical Communication, Information and Network Security and Control,
  3. Network Resource Allocation and Modeling, Network Planning and Evolution, Network Reliability and Survivability and Traffic Engineering
  4. Complex Network Dynamics and Modeling, Complex Network Synchronization and Control, Robustness and Vulnerability
  5. Wired and Wireless Communication, Multiuser Detection, Signal Separation and Interference Rejection

Track 5: Machine Dynamics, Mechanics & Industry 4.0

  1. Industrial Engineering, Global Manufacturing and Management, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
  2. Mechanics, Machine Design, Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer
  3. Support System, Smart Devices, Products, Manufacturing and Cloud Computing for Industry 4.0
  4. Smart, Additive manufacturing and Hybrid manufacturing and Blockchain Technology
  5. Machine Dynamics and Vibration Control